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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  June 25, 2010 9:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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the death of a titan. and memories of michael in an exclusive interview with his mother. ♪ i want to rock with you >> to the world, he was a superstar. to his mom, he was simply her son. >> it's been hard. >> tonight, in the first television interview since his death one year ago, katherine reveals the michael that he knew. >> michael adored his children more than anything else. >> but she's treating his children differently. >> i never liked the fact that he put scarves over their faces.
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>> and the surprising person that she's turned to for help, debbie rowe. >> i see nothing wrong with her. >> did michael jackson fear for his life? >> he knew people didn't want him around any longer. >> and her sad good-bye. >> i never looked at him after he passed. >> a mother's love. >> there's not a day that goes by that i don't think about my son. >> michael jackson, a mother's story. also tonight, inside a modest apartment, mayhem. >> when i walked into the room, that's a vision that i will be haunted with for the rest of my life. >> shots fired. a hero killed. >> steve was quietly so tough inside the pocket. >> nfl star quarterback steve mcnair murdered by a girlfriend who then turned the gun on herself. but is that the real story? >> i think there is someone else involved. >> a new take on the evidence that could point to a different
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killer. >> this was perfectly planned. this wasn't spur of the moment murder-suicide. >> and just maybe a different n motive. >> it was typical for steve to carry $2,000 on him. >> killed for love or could it have been money? the latest on the mysterious death of a titan. good evening and welcome to "dateline." i'm lester holt. she may be the only person that knew who he was. katherine was the one constant in the singer's life. he lived with her until he was almost 30. wanted her by his side during his trial. entrusted her with his children. tonight, in an exclusive interview, katherine jackson lifts the curtain on their lives together and the lives of his family and his three children since michael jackson's death one year ago today. here is josh mankiewicz.
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♪ like a comet blazing across the evening sky ♪ >> reporter: one year ago tonight, fans were in mourning for a star that had risen so high and then fallen so soon. michael jackson was gone at the age of 50, dead from a drug overdose. his death made as many headlines as his life. >> i love you, my brother. i celebrate your life. >> reporter: a parade of showbiz royalty. his brothers and sisters stood together in a rare display of family unity. even rarer, were the public words from jackson's daughter paris. >> i just want to say i loved him so much. >> reporter: through it all, one
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woman has kept her grief largely to herself. the mother who raised nine kids and is now parent to michael's three children is breaking her silence in a candid and a time-surprising interview, done just last week. >> i wanted to shed some light on who michael really was. >> reporter: she talks about the last painful year. >> there's not a day that goes by that i don't think about my son. >> reporter: about how she's now raising the daughter and two sons that he left behind. >> i never did like the fact that he put scarves or veils over their faces. >> reporter: and about debbie rowe, the biological mother to michael's older two children. >> reporter: she talks about how she believes her superstar son predicted his own death. >> he's told me several times that -- he said that people wanted him gone, wanted him
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dead. >> reporter: and she also has her own opinion on who is to blame for her son's passing. >> i want justice done. >> reporter: katherine jackson sit down with sonia lowe, a journalist with whom katherine is in the process of publishing this coffee house book entitled "never can say good-bye." >> it brought back a lot of memories and then it brought back a lot of tears. but all in all, i had fun writing it. >> reporter: nbc purchased the rights to the interview from the production company that made it. mrs. jackson said she gave the interview not just to promote her book but because she hopes sitting down for only one interview would provide a little privacy for herself and her family as the one-year anniversary passes of the worst day in all their lives. >> my family and i haven't
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planned anything about this first year anniversary of michael's passing. one reason why i'm doing this interview is i think that -- i hope that the paparazzi and everyone would just respect our privacy duringi privacy during this difficult time and leave us alone. >> reporter: the book, which is being sold only online, includes hundreds of photos from the family's collection, as well as personal reminisce from katherine, like this one, the day that she realized he had talent. >> we had a washing machine and it was rickity. it had a noise like that. and michael was there on the floor wearing a diaper and had his little bottle up and he was just dancing to the rhythm of what the washing machine made.
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>> reporter: it's memories like that of her remarkable boy that keeps katherine jackson smiling. it's been a difficult 12 months. >> it's been hard. it really has been hard. but with friends and loved ones, family around me, i'm doing okay with especially prayer. so it's helped me cope. >> reporter: at 80, katherine jackson has lived both a charmed life and a difficult one. she survived childhood polio and the death of a son, brandon, shortly after he was born. but the woman who sewed the suits that the jackson 5 wore to perform, also saw her children excel in show business. today, that son is gone. katherine jackson is left with a question to the boy she loved
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and lost. >> there are so many things i'd like to say to him. but i really would want to know what happened. coming up, the night that michael jackson changed the world of music in motown. >> the theater went crazy. they just went wild. >> reporter: when michael jackson, a mother's story, continues. they work fast. so i can get relief from the pollen that used to make me sneeze, my eyes water. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i get allergy relief at liquid speed. that's the fast, powerful relief of zyrtec®, now in a liquid gel. zyrtec® is the fastest 24-hour allergy medicine. it works on my worst symptoms so i'm ready by the time we get to the first hole.
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>> reporter: unlike so much of her plan, katherine jackson has shunned the spotlight, even as she supported michael and his siblings singing, dancing, and even moonwalking to greater and greater things. in this exclusive interview, she says her favorite songs are a man of war by the jackson 5. ♪ man of war, don't go to war no more ♪ >> ♪ >> i loved the message. >> reporter: and man in the mirror from his solo act.
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♪ man in the mirror >> reporter: katherine went to every concert that shecould. >> my favorite concerts of michael, all of them. i never got tired of seeing them over and over again. because i thought they were just that great. >> reporter: her favorite tour now, she says, was the brother's victory tour in 1984. >> i loved that one because it had all of my sons in it. all six. >> reporter: she says she never played favorites among the children, but she also knew that michael was exceptionally talented and at the same time committed to his talent. ♪ thriller night and no one is going to take you ♪ >> reporter: the remarkable choreography that he displayed in "thriller" required hours of practice in his home.
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>> every sunday he would go upstairs and we had another room up over the garage made into a little studio for dancing and exercising. he would go up there and dance for two hours straight without stopping. he wanted to be ready for his two-hour concert. and it paid off. >> reporter: all of that preparation may have paid off the most at the 25th anniversary motown special. katherine was in the audience when her second youngest son changed the world of music with a new dance move. >> michael did some moves with his brothers and all of the brothers left the stage and i was surprised they were leaving him up there alone. i was thinking, now, what is he going to do? >> reporter: and then -- ♪ >> and that's the first time i saw him do the moonwalk and the theater just went crazy. they just went wild.
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>> reporter: she also tells a story of a famous son who didn't always do what his mother wanted. remember bubbles? michael was in his early 20s and still living in the family home when he adopted the pet chimp. >> i didn't know that he was going to bring it home because he had talked about getting a chimpanzee. so i told one of the trainers, i don't want a monkey here. about a week or two later michael brought him home and i was shocked to find out that they act so much like humans. he was holding his hands up to pick him up. just adorable. and everybody fell in love with him. >> reporter: under the terms of their religion, gentleman hoef vas witness are not supposed to celebrate holidays or birthdays, but michael always made sure that she was well taken care of. >> they gave a party and invited my favorite pianist and then
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there was a long ribbon that led all the way throughout the city and then they had me follow the ribbon, like follow the yellow brick road and there was a rolls royce with a big ribbon on top of it. janet went shopping for a car of my favorite color. ♪ there's a place in my heart and i know that it is love ♪ >> michael's generosity to heal the world was evident at a young stage. >> you know how they show the african kids starving to death and flies all around their face? michael and i would look at tv and he would say -- he was only a kid then. he said, i'm going to do something about this. >> reporter: katherine said that
9:17 pm
he kept his promise, sending boxes and boxes of food to people who needed it, paying tuition for those who couldn't afford it. >> after he got old enough to manage his own money and everything, everything that he did was for the children. and i'm real proud of him because he had remembered and he gave up until his last day. >> reporter: katherine said that she knows her children made sacrifices in the name of success and she also said that michael, in particular, lamb meanted the boy hood years that he spent on stage. ♪ you and i >> reporter: more than once during his life, he talks about how he blamed his father for that lost childhood. he even said that his father physically abused him, which joe jackson denies. in this interview, katherine jackson did not talk about the relationship that she witnessed between father and son.
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but over the years, that bitterness michael jackson had expressed over his childhood never seemed to extend to his mother. and from her point of view, her son seemed to have few, if any, regrets about the price that he paid for fame. >> he talked about he missed his childhood, which he did. but then he also said he loved what he was doing now and would have not had it any other way. he must have liked it a lot because he could have stopped performing any time he wanted to but he loved what he was doing. ♪ they don't really care about us ♪ coming up, the children michael jackson left behind. a peak behind closed doors and how blanket, prince, and paris are being raised. >> she wants nothing but daddy's pictures in her room. >> reporter: when "dateline" continues.
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♪ where there is love i'll be there, i'll be there ♪ >> reporter: for the last year, katherine jackson has shouldered a painful burden. there are few things more sad than a mother burying her own child. she's dealt not only with that, but now with a double role as both grandmother and mother to
9:23 pm
three young children. with the death of michael jackson, his children, 13-year-old michael jackson junior known as prince michael, and paris, and blanket were suddenly without the father who had raised them and protected them. >> daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. and i just want to say i love him. so much. >> reporter: heart broken and stunned, the jackson family stood by the children at the televised memorial. but michael named only one family member as their guardian in his will. his mother. >> she went through something that no parent should ever have to go through. and she's raising michael's children. >> reporter: mark shaffle was a businessman and cameraman for michael jackson.
9:24 pm
when katherine wanted to do this interview, katherine said she south him out to produce it. >> she's just really an incredible person. she's a role model, and michael -- she's showing now what michael saw in her all along. i mean, she is supportive, she's there, she's protective. she's been around. she knows the world. and that's the type of person michael entrusted her. ♪ you are not alone >> reporter: katherine has helped the children get through some very hard times. it's been object. to the world, he was a pop star who made "bad" so good. ♪ i'm bad, i'm bad, you know it ♪ >> reporter: but to the kids, he's just dad. katherine tells the story of now 12-year-old paris decorating her
9:25 pm
bedroom. she wanted only one image on her walls. >> she went into her closet and she brought five pictures out of michael. she wanted one over each bed, over the desk, over -- nothing but daddy's pictures she said in her room. so i guess she goes to bed looking at him and gets up looking at him. ♪ like a comet blazing across the evening sky, gone too soon ♪ >> reporter: and she's seen them become closer to the jackson kids, their cousins, who has kept them company. >> well, they have lots of cousins and uncles and they have been in their life since day one and after michael passed, they've become even closer. one or two are there every day. >> reporter: like a proud grandma, she brags a little bit. >> the kids are doing fabulous.
9:26 pm
they are doing good. they are straight a students. >> reporter: all three are being home schooled and though there are been reports that the children will attend a traditional school in the l.a. area, katherine says that decision hasn't been made. >> we're thinking about looking at private schools for them. blanket is not ready yet. paris has said she wasn't ready either. when they went to check out some schools with their cousins, tito's boys, she liked it. so she said she wants to go. but we'll see what happens in september. >> reporter: she says all three are discovering their own talents. >> prince loves the camera. and they were doing this with michael before michael passed because he wanted to be behind scenes and doing movies and things like that. so prince was working with him. paris wants to be an actress. and she is already. but she wants to play the piano. and she still plays it but she
9:27 pm
plays by ear. and blanket, he carries a tune very well and he has rhythm and he can dance. >> reporter: and this may surprise you. katherine says that for some time, prince michael, paris, and blanket had no idea that their daddy was a musical superstar wowing audiences from bangkok to bucarest. >> they didn't even know because he never did let them know what he was doing, did not show them videos or dvds now they call them. >> reporter: but now they know, their father changed the face of music and dance. there have been some glitches. mark shaffle says 80-year-old
9:28 pm
katherine didn't know that internet could be an issue. that's perhaps how paris' personal videos showed up on youtube. michael hadn't let the kids watch regular tv or go on the internet. apparently, they took a little advantage of grandma until she caught on. she's tried to give the children a calmer, perhaps more normal life than the one their father gave them. they now live in one place, no longer a family on the move from country to country. and gone are the masks that michael jackson made his kids wear in public. >> i never did like the fact that he put scarves or veils over their faces. i didn't. so that's why i didn't do it. because as long as we have them protected with security guards, i think that's fine. and i know sooner than later
9:29 pm
they wouldn't want that. so i stopped it. i didn't do it. >> reporter: but katherine knows she has a special duty tone sure that blanket, paris, and prince michael are taken care of as best she can. >> out of all of the people in michael's life, i think michael adored them more than anything else and they adored him. >> reporter: and you might be surprised to whom she's turning for help. coming up, she was married to michael. the mother of prince and paris. but debbie rowe and katherine jackson had never met until after michael died. >> we tried together. we talked. it was just michael we thought about mostly and the children. >> reporter: now she's back in their lives. when michael jackson, a mother's story, continues. a few years ago i got a wake up call. mother's story, continues. .
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>> reporter: the world first came to know him as a kid, but
9:34 pm
michael jackson grew up to be the world's most famous bachelor. ♪ the way you make me feel >> reporter: then came a marriage of tabloid hef veen, the marriage to lisa presley. they said it would never last and they were right. after the two were divorced, michael jackson had started to worry that he would never become a father. hearing that, debbie rowe, a nurse working for jackson's dermatologist, came forward with an unusual offer. >> i said, if you want to be a daddy, i want to do it. >> reporter: in 1996, she became pregnant with jackson's first child. it raised eyebrows across the world in part because it didn't seem to be a romance. even by the standards of what constituted typical behavior from the eccentric superstar,
9:35 pm
this was a surprise. >> i would never do this for money. i did this because i love him. that's the only reason i did it. >> reporter: later that year they were married in sidney, australia, and katherine jackson was not present. three months later, prince was born. debbie talked about the new father. >> he feeds them, changes his diaper, since to him, reads to him. if he's on the phone, the baby is in his arms. he takes naps with him. he's the -- i don't need to be there. i don't need to be there. because michael -- i'd have nothing to do. >> reporter: a daughter, paris, was born in 1998. a third child, prince michael, ii, also known as blanket, was
9:36 pm
born from a surrogate mother. debbie gave up her maternal rights in exchange for a cash settlement and a home. rowe went to court to try to reclaim custody in 2004. a year later, on the stand in jackson's criminal trial, she said had he been a great father and that she saw the children every 45 days for about eight hours. the custody case hadn't been resolved when michael jackson died. >> after michael jackson had passed away, there was a concern about what was happening with the children. for debbie, i had extended out to some people to see if we could make a connection with some family members. >> reporter: mark shaffle is more of the producer for the promotional interview for katherine jackson's book. he was also, after jackson's death, the go-between for his friend, debbie rowe, and katherine jackson.
9:37 pm
in her interview, she reveals something surprising. despite debbie rowe's marriage to michael and her two biological children, the two never knew each other. >> we met and clicked right away. >> reporter: you actually brokered the first meeting between jackson and debbie? >> we got both parties together. no paparazzi, no lawyers knew, no representatives knew. >> reporter: how did they get along? >> they met each other and tears ran down their eyes. >> reporter: katherine tells the same story. >> we cried together. we talked. we had a nice time together. because when we met, it was just michael we thought about mostly, and the children. >> reporter: after katherine's death, there was a lot of
9:38 pm
speculation about what debbie rowe would want to do. >> all of the rumors about debbie rowe wanting to take the children away, completely false. debbie is happy with the arrangement, the way michael left it. and now she sees nothing wrong with me raising the children and i respect her and love her for that. >> reporter: she had no problem letting mrs. jackson step into those shoes she wants to be part of the children's lives. in the case of paris and prince, they know that she is their biological father? >> yes, they know that she is the biological mother. >> reporter: since that first tearful meeting, debbie has been spending time with her children at the jackson home and with blanket as well so that he doesn't feel left out. >> reporter: you know debbie rowe pretty well. does she have any concern that the children cannot be taken
9:39 pm
well care of by an 80-year-old woman in. >> absolutely not. she has so much experience. she's raised nine children. >> reporter: according to michael's will, should something happen to katherine, diana ross is next in line to care for the children. shaffle says debbie is also ready to help, if asked. >> debbie is the biological mother and will always be there for them. if mrs. jackson was not available, debbie would be right there. >> reporter: for now, she continues to spend time with the jackson children as she and katherine figure out what is best. >> she's the biological mother and i feel that she should be in their life and the children should know her. >> reporter: coming up, no matter who raises michael's children, certainly they will never have money problems. or will they? >> he was behind on mortgage payments, utility bills, los angeles water and power company was going to shut off service. >> reporter: when "dateline"
9:40 pm
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> reporter: it's called the haven hurst home in california that joe jackson bought in 1971.
9:44 pm
it's where michael jackson and his brothers and sisters grew up. when michael struck it rich, katherine said he offered to find his mom something grander. >> when he was 18 and had his own money, he said, mom, i'm going to buy you a new house. so we went shopping all over for a new house and it was so expensive and we couldn't find a piece of property that we wanted. >> reporter: so jackson remodeled the haven hurst home and the jackson family never left. today it's where katherine jackson lives with michael's kids. it's a place that is stidear to katherine. >> because it was for michael, now i don't think i want to move.
9:45 pm
>> reporter: but it turns out, in the last years of katherine jackson's life, katherine was actually at risk of losing that beloved home because of michael's precarious situation ethan smith has been covering the turmoil surrounding michael jackson's finances for years. >> he was behind on mortgage payments, on utility bills, los angeles power and water company was going to shut off service. >> reporter: it's no secret that michael jackson liked to spend the money he made, particularly as he got older. there were shopping sprees, lengthy hotel stays, trips around the world, legal bills, and an enfor rauj longer and hungrier than a vegas buffet
9:46 pm
line. jackson, who had made more than $1 billion in his life, was more than $1 million in debt when he died. >> the best thing that could have happened to jackson business appears to have been jackson exiting the scene. because his death created a huge public surge of interest in him again and he's not around to spend any of that money? >> he's not around to spend the money, go on multimillion dollar shopping sprees. there is some order here when there was nothing but chaos before. >> reporter: bringing order to chaos has been the work of the exhib executors. they are managing it as a business. >> they are being responsible about dealing with debt and making a ton of money on behalf
9:47 pm
of the beneficiaries of the estate, katherine jackson and michael jackson's children. >> reporter: jackson has generated something like $200 million in the last year. thanks in part to the blockbluster "this is it." in terms of earnings, he's ahead of elvis and john lennon. >> so in a way -- >> his records were selling like it was the peak of his career, best performing concert film of all time. >> he's vaulted back to the superstar status that he really hadn't seen since the earlier, maybe mid-'80s. >> reporter: there is still $300 million in debt coming due later this year. but smith says that the discussions are under way about restructuring that and the estate is likely to keep
9:48 pm
generating significant income for years to come. ♪ never can say good-bye. >> reporter: still, howard mann, the collaborate for on katherine jackson's new book said that one of the reasons that she agreed to do the book is because she needs the money. >> she is trying to maintain several properties, several homes. i mean, hurst is not a lifestyle that is readily affordable. >> reporter: so the money from this book will come in handy? >> i would like to think that with this project she will never have to worry about finances again. >> reporter: mann says he's just trying to help katherine jackson and himself and that he he's not trying to hitch the financial trailers to michael jackson. >> if you kind of go back over to his life, there's all of this cast of characters coming in and out who, you know, either we're doing business on his behalf or
9:49 pm
purporting to do business on his behalf, many of whom were, you know, really pretty shady. and all of whom had their hands out. yes. >> reporter: even though he's gone, michael jackson is is still a bangable star from some of the untapped material that he's left behind. for example, howard mann says he has 273 master tapes of unreleased michael jackson recordings and wants to publish those songs. but jackson's estate has already raised questions about who actually owns the rights to this possible treasurer. mann, the estate, or the mother and children that jackson left behind. coming up, did michael jackson predict his own death? >> he said that people wanted him gone. wanted him dead. >> reporter: and later, in our second hour, the mysterious death of a titan. who killed former nfl star
9:50 pm
quarterback, steve mcnair? police said it was his young girlfriend, part of a murder suicide. but some say that could be all wrong. >> here's a guy who's got a few robbery charges, his gun ends up at the crime scene. this is more than a coincidence. >> why he says the case needs to be reopened. [ male announcer ] at toyota, we care about your safety. that's why we're investing one million dollars every hour... to improve our technology and your safety. it's an investment that's helped toyota earn multiple top safety pick awards for 2010 by the insurance institute for highway safety. no other brand has won more. these top safety picks, and all our new safety innovations are available at ♪ [ ding ] you know, they say pretty fades.
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9:54 pm
♪ gone too soon >> reporter: when someone dies, it's natural to remember how and when you last saw them. katherine jackson is no different. >> the last time i saw katherine before he passed away was about a week and a half. i had gone to visit him. the children were there. we talked, we played around and had fun together. and michael even showed me a movie, because he had his new instrument there and it was really nice and just played its
9:55 pm
was displaced on the bedroom wall. that is the last time i can remember seeing my son alive. >> reporter: since then, katherine has tried to remember her son in his happier times. >> i never looked at him after he passed. i don't like doing that. i wanted to remember him smiling and laughing and having a good time the last time i saw him. >> reporter: what still angers her are the tough times, like the accusations, starting in the early '90s, that michael jackson was a child molester. >> he used to come to me sometimes and tell me, mother, just think of what i love most in this world are children and i'd rather slit my own wrist before i hurt a child and this is what they are trying to pin on me. and i just want them to know that michael wasn't like that. >> reporter: remember, jackson was accused in 1993 of molesting a young boy. he settled with his accuser without admitting any wrongdoing. and then a separate case in
9:56 pm
2005, he was criminally charged with molestation and acquitted by a jury. during that trial, katherine was the only jackson family member who attended every court hearing. in the interview, she wasn't asked about the molestation charges but she raised it herself. >> the first child that they tried to accuse michael, he had come forward and said michael didn't touch him. and he had said that before but he was afraid because he was afraid of his father. but the father has committed suicide since he came out and told it. so maybe his conscience was bothering him, the reason he did it. i don't know. >> reporter: mrs. jackson is apparently referring to an internet rumor shortly after michael jackson died, suggesting that his 1993 accuser about the molestation has died.
9:57 pm
the boy's father did commit suicide but it had nothing to do with the accusations against jackson. the man suffered from a rare and painful leukemia. >> reporter: but katherine jackson still sees her son as the victim, set upon by people who wanted his money and would do anything to get it. in her interview, she says michael believed it, too. >> he said that people wanted him gone. wanted him dead. he for him to say that, he must have known something. some of the mean, evil, vicious people didn't want him around for some reason. they are greedy. that's what it is. don't take that out. they are greedy. >> reporter: it is true that over his life michael associated himself with all kinds of people. associations which often only he seemed to understand. and sometimes it became a public
9:58 pm
problem for him. for example, jackson said he was shocked a few years ago when he learned that mark shaffle, whose production company did katherine jackson's interview, is a former producer of x-rated videos. >> when you started working for michael jackson, did he know that you had produced pornography? >> well, that part i'm really not going to get into because that's so far past. i mean, what business i had prior really didn't matter, because obviously i was still there after the fact. >> reporter: so it clearly didn't matter at all? >> it clearly didn't matter. >> reporter: did mrs. jackson know? does it matter to her? >> well, i don't have the conversation with mrs. jackson. but, again, i don't think mrs. jackson is judgmental on people as far as things like that go. >> reporter: howard mann also has an interesting resume. in addition to publishing katherine's book, he's also the owner of smlg called the "naked
9:59 pm
women's wrestling league." in her interview katherine doesn't talk about mann's other businesses. and if she's not judge mental, she is about the last person that saw him alive. >> what is the emergency? >> i need an ambulance as soon as possible, sir. >> cardiologist, conrad murray, is charged with manslaughter. he gave michael the fatal dose of propofol. although katherine doesn't use him name, she layses the blame for michael's death at dr. murray's feet. >> of course it could have been prevented because he had hired a doctor to watch over him. and the doctor is negligent. >> reporter: dr. murray has pled not guilty.
10:00 pm
his spokeswoman told "dateline" that while he cares deeply for the jackson family and doesn't want to judge them during their mourning process, he continues to maintain that he neither prescribed nor administered anything that should have killed michael jackson. dr. murray's odd des see through the criminal justice system is continuing. he's due back in court in august. but whatever happens to conrad murray, katherine jackson says it won't bring her peace. >> whatever happens now, it won't bring my son back. and i think when the trial is over, i hope -- i don't know. >> reporter: from his birth
10:01 pm
place in gary, indiana, to his final resting place in glendale, california, this was a day of remembrance from michael jackson's fans, friends, and family. but tomorrow and the day after, katherine jackson will go back to the home in encino where she raised her children and now michael's, watching over the kids. and, now, new developments in the investigation into another high profile death from last year. it was in july that steve mcnair, the former nfl quarterback and a young woman, were found shot to death. home town hero mcnair led his team to the super bowl. but insiders talk about what may have led him to a life far more
10:02 pm
dangerous off the field than he ever faced on it. >> reporter: it was a crime that toppled a giant and spawned a mystery. a story that shocked a city and shook the world of sports. now, with new details you haven't heard before, what insiders knew. >> my girlfriend's called it the trap house. that's where athletes take their booties. >> reporter: what police wanted to know. and why some people still doubt the official conclusion. >> thises was perfectly planned. this wasn't spur of the moment murder-suicide. >> reporter: tonight, a new look at the murder of steve mcnair. nashville, tennessee, saturday, the fourth day of an usually cool july. reporter josh was not that happy to be going to work. >> my friends were going to be barbecuing like everybody else and i had to be here. i sat down at my desk, started
10:03 pm
checking e-mail. >> it promised to be a slow count down to the nighttime fireworks and then -- >> i heard about a shooting in downtown nashville with two victims. and so your ears perk up when you hear that kind of thing. >> reporter: before devine could get out the door to check it out, the news got much, much bigger. >> we got a phone call from one of our reporters who said that i have this on good authority that this may be steve mcnair. >> reporter: he was a household name name, a local hero, a titan. >> my initial reaction was, what? you've got to be kidding me. >> reporter: known for his courage on the field and grace off of it, he was 31 in what was going to be a long and prosperous retirement. devine rushed to the scene of the shooting. not mcnair's multimillion dollar home in the suburbs, but a
10:04 pm
modest apartment downtown. >> everybody knew that it was certainly serious. you had police all over the place, detectives all over the place. >> reporter: word was spreading among those closest to mcnair. eddie george was a former friend and teammate. >> i got a phone call from a friend saying, have you heard that steve was shot at a party last night? i said, come on, man. that doesn't even sound right. >> reporter: joseph walker was the mcnair family minister and friend. >> text messages coming back and forth about what might have happened, maybe steve had been shot. but, you know, maybe some fight had taken place and maybe he had been shot in the arm. >> reporter: but back at the apartment, medical examiner knew instantly that the worst had happened. >> the male victim was obviously mr. mcnair. i recognized him right away. >> reporter: mcnair's wife michelle was at home with the
10:05 pm
couple's two sons, five and ten. pastor walker arrived shortly after she was notified of steve's death. >> all i could do was embrace michelle, embrace the boys. and that's a moment i will never forget the rest of my life. >> reporter: the family's grief didn't stay private for long. >> this is channel 4 news. >> steve mcnair has been shot and killed. we are still tracking the breaking news this afternoon, still trying to -- >> reporter: eddie and his wife drove to mcnair's house. >> just total silence, crying, hugging, and just shock. >> reporter: back at the apartment, the crime scene, josh devine saw firsthand that it was not just friends and family who mourned steve mcnair. >> people were whole-heartedly stunned that the guy that contributed to nashville had died in such a way.
10:06 pm
>> reporter: died in what way exactly? the bodies had been found by a friend of mcnair's named wayne neely who had a key to the apartment. when police questioned him, he was clearly stunned by what he had seen. >> i didn't know it was steve. >> reporter: he in turn called another friend, robert big daddy gatti, who had known mcnair since college. it was gatti who called 911. >> somebody has been shot. there's two bullet holes. he told police he rushed to the scene. >> i pick -- >> mcnair was hit multiple times, including a gunshot wound to the head.
10:07 pm
his female friend was shot in the head. >> the second victim was just 20 years old. >> from what i understand, she was a friend. she was a friend of mcnair's. the vehicle, the 2007 cadillac skeas laid, is registered to both her and mcnair. >> the black cadillac escalade was parked at scene of the double shooting. but how is it that they bought a luxury vehicle together? and how did it happen that mcnair had been in the vehicle apparently drunk when kamenzi was arrested for a dui two days before the shooting. it seems that he had a secret life. >> from you angry? >> not gry. disappointed. >> how did this beloved and richly pained athlete in just a few short years go from admired family man at the pinnacle of his sport to murder victim, cut down in a tiny apartment?
10:08 pm
was steve mcnair done in by his own bad decisions or was there a deeper mystery here? how and why did the titan fall? coming up, those who say his death may have been completely shocking, one thing wasn't. >> if you're a person that goes out in this town, you are not surprised to learn that steve mcnair was with a young woman when he died. >> reporter: when the mysterious death of a young titan continues. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so i can join the fun at my family barbeque. (announcer) for people with copd, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, great news. advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used
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more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. i'm glad you came, grandma. oh, me too. if copd is still making it hard to breathe, ask your doctor if including advair will help improve your lung function for better breathing. (announcer) get your first full prescription free and save on refills.
10:10 pm
when steve mcnair died, thousands of people came to pay their respects to a man they may never have met but considered a hero. a small town boy who made it to the top but never forgot where
10:11 pm
he came from. drive through mississippi and you'll come top mt. olive, a town of 1,000 souls that proudly is the home town of steve mcnair. he was born on valentine's day in 1973. he soon became a stand-out athlete. >> did you ever think that you'd be this good? >> no, but people always told me that i was just like my brother and he was in high school. they said the best quarterback that ever came. >> in 1995, the houston other yells signed him into the seven-year contract that paid $28 million and paid his whole life. >> you literally go from, depending on your background, from not having anything to
10:12 pm
having anything you want. >> reporter: mcnair's friend, eddie george, knows exactly what it's like to be young, rich, and a superstar. the orioles drafted him in the first round, too, just the year after mcnair. >> how did people treat you? friends, strangers? >> oh, you're their best friend. i mean, you go from being a funny looking guy to being the best looking guy in the world, you know. >> reporter: mcnair seemed to take it in stride. in 1997, he married his college sweetheart. he and michelle had two sons. steve also had two older boys from previous relationships. michelle mcnair became the very image of the supportive nfl wife. >> i always tell him i'm behind you 100%. we're your family and we're there for you. >> reporter: but george says, all of t. money, fame, women come at you so fast, it can be hard to handle. >> we all face struggles but as a professional athlete, it just seems like the temptation must be rolling in front of you all
10:13 pm
the time. >> oh, yeah. i mean, you walk out in the clubs and people recognize you and it's like flies. they are attracted to the light. >> reporter: yet steve mcnair seemed to avoid all of the pit falls. a celebrity that didn't act like one. he built his mom a nice home in mt. olive, 640 acres on mcnair road. he plowed some of his football millions back into the towns he called home. he sponsored football camps for kids. he was a major benefactor of the boys and girls club. >> what kind of leader was he? >> steve was a quiet leader, so tough inside the pocket. i mean, he would get up at the place of limping and out of breath. >> he wasn't afraid to take a
10:14 pm
hit? >> no. >> reporter: steve led his team from texas to tennessee. won the super bowl in 2000. >> the town, the city, the entire state was on fire. >> reporter: the fairytale ended with a heartbreaker. the titans lost on the last play of the game and never recaptured the super bowl run but mcnair played on. >> it's not the end of the world. as long as i can come home and kiss my kids and enjoy my family, i'm fine. >> reporter: mcnair had some troubles off the field. arrests for a dui in 2003 and again in 2007. both times charges were dismissed. but he was remorseful. >> i want to apologize to my teammates, coaches, this organization for putting myself in a situation of this magnitude. this is another hurdle i've got to jump over and i will bounce
10:15 pm
back. >> reporter: and fans always for gave him. by the time he retired in 2008, after two seasons with the baltimore ravens, steve mcnair was rich, famous, and just 35 years old. sounds great. but eddie george, who is also retired, says it can be anything but. >> you're literally stepping out of a role of playing the football player, getting ready to play every single sunday, of being a warrior and being a face of a franchise and pumping up the crowd and running for touch downs to now being a civilian. and you're like, what do i do with my life? >> from the outside, steve mcnair looked like he was doing okay? >> absolutely. but i wasn't aware of his personal life. i can't understand. he was probably searching for something. he was probably searching for happiness. >> but maybe he was looking in the wrong places. >> if you're a person that goes
10:16 pm
out in this town that pays attention, you were not surprised to learn that steve mcnair was with a young woman when he died. >> reporter: sarah of nashville has reported extensively on the mcnair case. people wouldn't talk to her on camera. but they would talk. >> he never seemed to hide what he was up to. whether or not these were just friends or indeed mistresses, he was often seen with women. >> reporter: women. in other words, who were not his wife. mcnair's long-time minister acknowledged it, too. >> i think that steve, unfortunately, his celebrity, the exposure for his vices. >> reporter: sometime in 2008, steve went to the opry land mall, it's like a playground for big kids like arcade games, food, and drink. it was there that steve mcnair, age 35, famous, rich, and retired, had his first winter
10:17 pm
without the roar of the crowd met a 19-year-old waitress. >> was she really into him? >> she was. she was crazy about him. >> reporter: mcnair couldn't hear it, but the clock was ticking. coming up, the married mcnair falls for the wait ves. >> if i ran into them at a restaurant, i would think, that's boyfriend and girlfriend? >> yeah. >> when "dateline" continues. [ horn honks ] get me to the airport, and don't step on it. ♪ congress and main, and i'm not in a hurry. [ male announcer ] the big, bold taste of the angus third pounder and the classic taste of the big mac. so much flavor, you'll want to take your time with them. whatever you do, don't make that light. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of burgers. ♪
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10:20 pm
it wasn't about his status or what he drove or what he could give her, she really fell
10:21 pm
hard for him. >> emily andrews probably knows as much as anyone alive about the relationship between steve mcnair and sahel kazemi. she was her roommate at the time. they both waited tables. >> we were really close. we lived together, worked together, and socialized together. there wasn't a day when we lived in nashville together where i didn't know what she was doing and she didn't know what i was doing. >> i'm curious where she got that name? >> i guess someone told her that she looked like a jenny. >> reporter: emily was four years older and jenny sometimes confided in her. >> she was born in iran and then lived in turkey. and when she was 13 years old she moved to jacksonville with her family. she told me about her mother. >> what happened to her mother? >> i believe she was strangled
10:22 pm
to death and they never found the killer. >> reporter: jenny was just 9 years old at the time. >> she had kind of used that story as a way to really love and appreciate her own life and love and appreciate people that she loved, their lives. >> reporter: jenny moved to nashville at age 16 with her boyfriend, an aspiring rapper who sometimes posted videos on youtube. but while waiting tables sometime in december 2008, jenny met a new guy. she said, what, i met a pro football player? >> yes. and i thought, big deal. >> reporter: steve's fame did not seem to phase her either. not a football fan in. >> no. she didn't have any interest. maybe he liked the fact that she really just took him for just being a normal guy.
10:23 pm
she didn't treat him like he was a huge celebrity which he was kind of used to getting, i think. >> reporter: she says the relationship developed rapidly. >> they hung out around christmas time for the first time and i remember in january i dropped her off at his house and after that it was just kind of like -- they had really started to like each other and they were dating. it wasn't just, you know, hang out every now and then. they were dating. >> reporter: dating and having fun and there's dating, i'm serious and i'm falling in love. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: which was this? >> she fell in love with him, if that's what you're asking. she was crazy about him. >> reporter: remember, jenny was 19 at the time. 16 years younger than mcnair. >> the age difference didn't make a difference to her? >> no. we joked about it but it wasn't anything that bothered her about it. >> reporter: and, of course, there was this uncomfortable
10:24 pm
fact. >> at what point did you find out that steve was married? >> she told me right away but she was under the impression that they were going through a divorce. >> reporter: neighbors saw him so much at emily's apartment that they thought he might move in. that was in february, two months after the couple met. >> he made no effort to hide publicly that they were in a relationship? >> no. >> reporter: if i ran into them at a restaurant, i would think they were boyfriend and girlfriend? >> yes. people saw that they were dating and we had been out before without him and someone had come up to her and said, you're steve mcnair's girlfriend, aren't you? so it wasn't a big secret. >> reporter: jenny's family later told police that he thought steve was going to divorce his wife and marry her. steve supported her financially and took her on vacations to key west, vegas, and even hawaii.
10:25 pm
he didn't seem to be shy about being photographed with her. which leads to an obvious question. if everybody seemed to know, did his wife know? michelle mcnair has not spoken publicly since the murder. she has reportedly said that she did not know about kazemi. >> i'm pretty sure it's not. i'm pretty sure if someone is married to an athlete, they know what is out there. >> by the spring of 2009, steve and jenny had been an item for five months. she was spending more time at his downtown apartment. >> it was a small bachelor pad, pretty much. there were pictures on the wall. >> reporter: was it your impression and jenny's
10:26 pm
impression that this was steve's full-time residence? >> no. neither of us believed that. we knew it was kind of his place to get away. >> reporter: this is where they hooked up? >> yeah. >> reporter: in may 2009, jenny turned 20. steve helped her buy a present she had always dreamed of, a black cadillac escalade. >> he put the down payment on the car and she wanted to make the monthly payments but it was under both of their names. >> reporter: that had to be a pretty good chunk of change? >> yeah. >> reporter: shortly after, that emily moved back home to pits burpg. before she left, she bumped into steve at one of his favorite bars. by this time, he and jenny had been together for six months. >> i told him, don't hurt her and that's my best friend. if you really love her, then really do a good job at loving her and he looked at me in the eyes and told me, emily, i love
10:27 pm
her and i'll take care of her for you. >> reporter: words that proved to be unforth get blee ironic. and just who else was steve mcnair taking care of? tales of another woman. >> he said that he loved me. >> plus, troubling words that he said before the murder. >> baby, i might have a breakdown. i'm so stressed. when the mysterious death of a titan continues.
10:28 pm
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
10:31 pm
on june 24th , 2009, they stopped for lunch at dave and busters. their waitress, jenny kazemi. >> she said, have i ever been in love? and she went on to tell me, she is dating a guy and they have been dating for eight months and she was dating steve mcnair. >> why would jenny sit down in the middle of her shift and share her personal life with a total stranger. >> she said, lately he acts like he doesn't want to spend time with me. >> kazemi's roommate headed back to pittsburgh a few days earlier. she said that jenny was convinced that jenny was going to leave his wife for her. >> from what she told me, the divorce was supposed to be
10:32 pm
finalized within weeks. >> of course, it all comes out now that there's no record of any divorce proceedings between the two? >> i know. he clearly told her that to keep her around. >> reporter: and now it seems maybe steve was moving on. >> had you heard that he had a girlfriend? >> yeah, i heard that. that he hung out with other girls. >> reporter: police learned that he had been seeing another woman for about a month. her name was lea. in this audio-only interview, she told police that she met steve in early may and he said things that would have sounded familiar to jenny kazemi. >> um, he said that they were in the process of divorcing. they had been for the last two years. he said that he loves me and was going to make everything work so
10:33 pm
that he could be with me. >> reporter: leah, age 25, said that she didn't believe it. >> i'm not trying to marry this man. i'm realistic. it is what it is. >> reporter: she had been visiting steve's downtown apartment, even though she didn't like going there. >> my girlfriend 's called it te trap house. that'ses where athletes take their booties. . >> reporter: police say that jenny staked out the apartment one day and followed a woman she saw leaving, apparently leah. on july 1st, jenny called emily. >> she had found some used feminine products in his bathroom at his condo. i guess the wednesday before the 4th of july. >> reporter: this is the wednesday before the murder? >> yeah. she asked me for my advice and i couldn't really give her any because i've never been in that
10:34 pm
situation. but she kind of -- we ended the conversation and i heard her saying, i really don't know what to do. >> was she upset? >> yeah, she was upset. >> reporter: just hours later, in the early-morning hours of july 2nd, a nashville police officer pulled over the black escalade, jenny's dream car. >> hauling, 84 miles an hour. >> reporter: she was doing 54 in a 30 mile an hour zone. guess who was with her? steve mcnair was in the passenger street apparently drunk. remarkably, it was the same officer who arrested mcnair for a dui in 2007. jenny is shown stepping out in a short dress and platform heels. she tells him she's not drunk but she is high. mcnair and another man exit the passenger side of the vehicle. then they get in separate cabs and leave. in the patrol car, under arrest
10:35 pm
for dui, jenny seems surprised. >> can i call him? >> he just left here. i told him you wanted to talk to him and that he was more than welcome to come back to the car. >> yeah. >> he chose to get in the taxi. >> reporter: when you heard later that he left the scene where she was arrested in a taxi -- >> i was mad. i mean, if you see the footage, she's in the back seat just broken hearted and confused and she had never been arrested before. probably scared out of her life. and he left her there. >> reporter: multiple witnesses later told police that jenny was mad, too. but emily says that she didn't seem upset later that day, after mcnair bailed her out of jail. >> and she called me and said, you'll never believe what happened? and i'm like, what? she's like, i got a dui. i told her, i told you you shouldn't dripping and drive.
10:36 pm
and she said, yeah, yeah, yeah, but it's okay. >> she was not upset? >> if she was upset, she hit it. >> reporter: and yet text messages revealed months after the shootings paint a different picture. july 3rd, the day after the dui, the day before the shooting, jenny text steve at 10:05 a.m. baby, i might have a breakdown. i'm so stressed. 10:12 a.m., can you transfer 2,000 to my account? baby, what's wrong with me? i can hardly breathe? and mcnair responded, everything is going to be okay. i'm here if you need me. at 5:00 p.m., eight hours before the shooting, kazemi met this man in the parking lot of where she worked, adrian was on parole after serving time for attempted robbery. he could go to prison for just owning a gun and yet police say
10:37 pm
that he sold one to jenny, a cheap nine millimeter like this for $100. >> i can't even imagine her buying a gun. i can't imagine her knowing how to shoot a gun. >> reporter: that same nim, police say that kazemi my life is a ball of. [ bleep ] and i should just end it. she was on her computer until 11:00 p.m. she called emily's cell sometime that night but emily missed the call. >> she could have been calling me to tell me something -- you know a. stupid story about work or she could have been calling me to ask for help because maybe she was in a situation where she knew she couldn't control herself anymore. i'll never know. >> reporter: jenny's sister said she spoke to jenny that night. while she seemed concerned about money, she did not seem angry or upset. a security camera caught steve mcnair at a video game store.
10:38 pm
it turned out to be the last picture of him ever taken. at 10:45 p.m., kazemi texted mcnair, i'm going to the condo in a minute. he replied that he was at home putting his children to bed. then, at 12:38 a.m., on my way. he had no idea what was waiting for him. >>. coming up, within hours, steve mcnair and jenny kazemi would be dead. days later, police would question a possible suspect, someone who admitted he knew kazemi pretty well. when "dateline" continues. from abilify. if you're taking an antidepressant and still feel depressed, one option your doctor may consider is adding abilify. abilify treats depression in adults when added to an antidepressant. some people had symptom improvement in as early as one to two weeks after adding abilify.
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july 4th, 2009, steve mcnair arrived at his apartment between 1:20 and 2:00 a.m. 12 hours later, steve's friend gaddy dialed 911. >> there are two people. >> two people? >> yeah. >> and they both appear to be deceased? >> i believe so, sir. >> reporter: when police arrived, they found mcnair sprawled on the soef fa, shot te in the chest and once in the head and then at his feet was kazemi dead. >> in turn she turned the gun on herself. >> reporter: police have an explanation for what happened.
10:43 pm
sahel, who was worried about him leaving her and then left her in the patrol car snapped. but people close to kazemi say no way. >> do you accept the final version of what happened? >> no. it wasn't like, if steve mcnair would not be with me, no one else would. she was very capable of moving on. >> what else could it have been? >> i think there was someone else involved. i don't think she was capable of doing this by herself. >> reporter: kazemi's family declined a repeated request for an interview but told us off camera that they were 100% that she did not kill mcnair or herself. apparently this man convinced him. his name is vincent hill, a former nashville police officer. hill contacted kaz zem me's
10:44 pm
sister soon after the shooting. >> that it was more than likely not what happened. >> reporter: questions arose from the very first day when wayne neeley said that he let himself in but somehow failed to recognize that it was crime scene. >> you saw two people -- >> no. no. no. i went in and i didn't think too much about it. >> reporter: reporter, sarah, who walked through the apartment after the murder, doubts neeley's story. >> for the amount of blood that he was able to see, it was hard for me to believe that he would not immediately notice that there were two dead bodies there. >> reporter: when he realized what had happened, he did not call 911, but instead called another friend of mcnair's, robert gaddy. he was clearly shaken by mcnair's murder but was upset
10:45 pm
for another reason as well. he and steve had not been on good terms lately. >> we were going through our ups and downs because we told each other what was going down. >> what was the fall out between you and steve? >> it was really not a fall out. every so often we always -- we started this business venture together and -- >> the restaurant? >> yeah, the restaurant. i wanted to do something else. and he got upset about it. >> there may be more to that story. according to police documents, kazemi's roommate told police that mcnair had recently fired gaddy for stealing from him, $13,000. although gaddy declined our interview requests, he denied
10:46 pm
stealing anything. >> whoever planned this, planned it perfectly. >> reporter: hill says the way mcnair was shot, twice in the chest and once in each temple took too much skill and calculation for someone who had apparently never fired a gun before. >> that's more on the lines of execution than troubled girlfriend. >> reporter: hill also doubted another part of the story, that sahel kazemi bought a gun from a convicted felon who she barely knew and he barely knew her. that's what he told the police one day after the shootings. >> i sold it to some young lady. >> tell me her name. >> i don't even know her name. >> reporter: he claims that it whole thing started when she approached him about getting rid
10:47 pm
we talked about selling her car and she asked me about a gun. >> reporter: when we spoke to vincent hill shortly after the shootings, he said that the story didn't add up. >> what would cause a perfect stranger from doing a car deal to ask, hey, i'm looking for a gun. you and i just met 20, 30 minutes ago, nice to meet you, do you know where i can buy a gun when i'm in the city? >> reporter: it turns out that hill was right on the money. although they wouldn't reveal it for months, police spoke with him again in late july. more than two weeks after they had publicly concluded their investigation of mcnair's murder. this time, they had gilliam's phone records, which revealed a completely different story about him and jenny kazemi. >> it was during a three-week time frame. >> reporter: gilliam admitted that he first had met kazemi three weeks before the shootings outside the nightclub and that
10:48 pm
there was more to their relationship than car and gun sales. >> she was flirting with me and trying to lure me in. she was flirting with me all the time. >> so the original story that you first met her when she got in contact with you about selling the car, that wasn't true at all? >> reporter: my fiancee was sitting right there. i had to think of something, you know what i'm saying? >> reporter: gilliam claimed that he lied because he didn't want to make his fiancee jealous. but hill was wondering, was he lying to cover up something much more sinister? >> here's a guy, adrien gilliam, his gun ends up at the crime scene. this whole thing is more than a coincidence. >> reporter: coming up, vincent hill repairs for a hearing that could reopen the case. >> this was not just a spur of the moment murder-suicide. when the mysterious death of
10:49 pm
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this is perfectly planned.
10:53 pm
this wasn't a spur of the moment murder-suicide. >> from the very beginning, former nashville police officer, vincent hill, believe there is was more to the shooting of steve mcnair and sahel kazemi. the ex con whose gun was used in the killings lied to the police about how he knew sahel. >> why would you sell this 20-year-old woman a gun? >> i was financially stuck. >> they had known each other for weeks. he had been to her apartment twice. he said they weren't lovers but exchanged hundreds of texts and phone calls. >> did she ever bring up steve mcnair during the time -- >> never. i didn't even know that she was dating him. >> or did he? he was one of the last people to speak with sahel kazemi at 12:02
10:54 pm
a.m. when she was at the downtown apartment. >> have you ever been to the condominium? you've never been to that condo? >> never. >> gilliam claims that on the night of the shooting he was 12 miles away from mcnair's apartment talking and drinking with a friend. there's just one problem. the friend told police that in fact gillian was not with him that night. >> his alibi was shot during the night of the murders. >> vincent hill asked the provocative question. what if he's lying about the gun sell itself? what if the gun never changed hands? the fact is, to this day, the only person that has had that gun in his possession until july 4th is adrien gilliam. maybe he was jealous or maybe the motive was money. >> based on countless people i've talked to, it was typical for steve to carry at least
10:55 pm
$2,000 on him. >> reporter: and yet police documents show that mcnair had only $7 in his wallet when he died. >> here's a guy, gilliam, who has a few robbery charges and his gun ends up at the scene. >> reporter: he's now serving 2 1/2 years for possession of the gun that killed it steve mcnair declined our interview but said that he had nothing to do with the shooting. vincent hill spent nearly a year on his own investigation looking for someone in authority to listen to him. finally, on june 11th, he got his hearing. >> today i'll be presenting a case to the grand jury to get the murder investigation of steve mcnair and sahel reopened. >> reporter: the grand jury agreed to hear him out. if they agreed with his conclusions, they could reopen the case. but plenty of others doubted vincent hill. for one thing, he had only been
10:56 pm
a patrol man. he resigned while under investigation for disobeying orders during a high-speed chase. although he was eventually cleared. and he has self-published a book about the mcnair case. eats be he's been accused of trying to cash in. >> are you at all concerned about sahel's family and the possibility that maybe you're wrong? >> i could be wrong. i'll admit that. i could be wrong. >> are you worried about giving them false hope? >> i've thought about that. i said in my heart i don't believe she did it. the evidence which it suggests otherwise as well so i don't think i'm stringing them along. >> reporter: it's not just kazemi's family. steve mcnair, steve junior, and his mother, both told nbc affiliate wsmv that they think the case should be reopened. >> i think it should. but i don't know the details.
10:57 pm
>> i think what they think happened really happened. i really don't think this young girl did what they say she did. >> reporter: one week after vincent hill made his case, the grant jury issued its finding. hill shared with the committee his views of the case but lacked evidence to support his views. detective sergeant pat, of the nashville police department, who supervised the mcnair investigation, agrees. >> he has no evidence. he has no credibility or evidence for anything that he says. >> reporter: he says that police did look at other persons of interest in the case. >> we traced the gun to adrian gilliam. he was a person of interest, the person that saw the body. >> but he says extensive interviews, as well as cell phone records, clear all three. he also says that the crime scene would have been impossible to stage. remember, the gun was found under sahel kazemi.
10:58 pm
>> all of the blood pooled around the weapon. you could see the i am print of the pistol which would indicate that the weapon wasn't moved at any time or placed there later or anything like that. >> reporter: and finally he says, there was the mental state. the money trouble, the stress, the need to possess steve mcnair. he cited one of her very last texts. >> he told her a day or two prior to this, i'm going to have all of you. she did, in her mind, end up with all of him. >> and so the deaths of steve mcnair and sahel kazemi remain from what they were from the, start, a tragedy for both families. his friend and teammate, eddie george. >> because avenues famous athlete and because of the
10:59 pm
circumstances of his death, people jump to the stereo type. >> that's like being a man. >> doctors, priests, pastors, all men have struggles. it's not about an athlete. no. >> because i would think a lot of guys were saying, there for the grace of god go i. >> absolutely. that's all for this edition of "dateline" friday. we'll see you on sunday at 7:00, 6:00 central. i'm lester holt, for


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